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We supply independent aquarium and pet retailers, chains, universities, research establishments, zoos and various pet trade related commercial customers throughout Australia. We do not deal with the public, but you are welcome to view our information pages. Detailed product information can be found in the ‘Suppliers’ drop down menu. Select the brand and click on the image link (if available), which will open the relevant page on the supplier’s website.

Our range includes products for:

Freshwater aquariums, Marine & Reef

aquariums, Ponds, Reptiles and Pets.

We represent many long established brands that are backed by years of accumulated knowledge, experience and resources. HIKARI - Foods for Tropical, Marine, Goldfish, Ponds & Reptiles. HIKARI BIO-PURE - Frozen Fish Foods. AQUA MEDIC - DC Pumps, DC Stream Pumps, DC Dosing Pumps, DC Protein Skimmers, Electronics, Reverse Osmosis Filters & various other aquarium products. SERA - Flake, Granule & Stick Foods for Tropical, Marine, Goldfish, Ponds & Reptiles, Test Kits, Water Treatments, Filter Media & various other aquarium products. MAG-FLOAT - Floating Magnet Cleaners & Scrapers. SCHEGO - Air Pumps for aquariums and some industrial uses. JAVA REEF ROCK - Artificial Rocks for Marine Reef Aquariums. SPECTRA - LED Aquarium Lights. ARCADIA & HABISTAT - Reptile Products & Foods. NOOTIE - Pet Shampoos & Conditioners.
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