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We supply independent aquarium and pet retailers, chain stores, universities, research establishments and various pet trade related commercial customers throughout Australia. We do not sell to the public, but you are welcome to view our information pages. Our product pages are still being developed. In the meantime, the “Product Links” page contains brief supplier information and links to our suppliers official websites, where you can find detailed information about their products.

Our range includes products for:

Freshwater aquariums, Marine & Reef

aquariums, Ponds, Reptiles and Pets.

We represent long established brands that have many years of accumulated knowledge, experience and resources. This has resulted in high quality products, which are continually developed and improved through research in the manufacturer’s own laboratories and through feedback from consumer testing under various conditions. The continual R&D investment by our suppliers is aimed at making aquarium keeping easier and more enjoyable for the consumer, with a focus on the well-being of the livestock. Our suppliers are very conscious of the environment and sustainability. Many manufacturers are using their own power sources such as large solar panel arrays to power their production. Electrical products are designed to use far less energy than in the past, contributing to lower CO 2 emissions and lower consumer running costs. Our fish food suppliers utilise ingredients such as fish meal from sustainable sources or increasingly use alternative protein sources such as insects. Although our primary business has been aquarium related, our pet product range will be expanded. We represent Nootie from the USA with their range of scented shampoos, sprays and wipes.
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